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About Our Licensed Denturists 

Dentures By Design is a family-run and locally owned and operated business helping patients in Idaho Falls and Pocatello, ID with all their denture service needs. Read below to learn more about our two licensed denturists. FREE denture consultations are available! We offer 90-day and price-match guarantees.
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Fred Giovanini, LD 

At our Idaho Falls location, Fred Giovanini, LD is our licensed denturist. In 1984, he began his training to become a dental technician and worked in the largest dental lab in California. 

The lab was known for having the best reputation in the state for its high-quality work. They had the contract for the San Francisco 49ers sports appliances and served numerous celebrities.

He personally did Victor Wong's (starred in The Golden Child, Three Ninjas, Tremors, and Big Trouble in Little China) Dentures (stated with his permission), along with other celebrities whose confidentiality he is bound to respect.

As his skills improved over 6 years, he was asked to be manager of the GNATHO-LOGICS Dental lab at the age of 24 (the youngest ever in California). By that time, he was so good at making dentures, he decided that the only thing left for him to do was to attend a denturist college and become a licensed, credentialed denturist in his own right.

After graduating from the Portland Oregon Denturist College, he took a job in Idaho Falls to complete his internship. When that was completed, he decided to stay and open his own practice making Pocatello Dentures.

He has been making dentures since 1984 and sincerely believes that his extensive specialized training and background makes him the best at what he does. At the present time, he is the youngest president of the Idaho Denturist Association.

Elected to the Denturist National Board of Directors
National Denturist Association Denturist of the Year
FIBER FORCE® Unbreakable Dentures

AvaDent Digital Dentures

Biomet 3I Implant Seminar With Teeth In A Day Symposium

Pathology / Perio and alveolar atrophy Seminar

2010 - 2014
President of the Idaho Denturist Association

Zest Implant Seminar

American Tooth Denture characterization course

Graduated with honors from Portland Oregon Denturist College

Astron Injection molding technique training

Graduated with honors from Portland Oregon Denturist College

Nobel Biocare Implant training course

Neu Bite tooth manufacturing course

Molloplast-B Soft Relining Seminar
True Bite professional tooth setting course

Fricky International Denture cloning techniques

1984 - 1985 
GNATHO-LOGICS same day Denture training

1984 - 1990
Worked for and became manager of GNATHO-LOGICS, the largest dental clinic in California
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Geno Giovanini, LD 

At our Pocatello location, Geno Giovanini, LD is our licensed denturist. 

As far as he can remember, he wanted to be a professional denturist. He had always been fascinated by watching his father work in the lab making dentures, and the patients always seemed to be so thankful for him. He knew he wanted to become a denturist for the right reasons.

He began working in the lab over his summer breaks from school when he was 13 years old. Before he even finished high school, his father had taught him a lifetime's worth of techniques for a denture specialist.

In high school, he took 4 years of art classes to help him with his skills and was the best in his class. In his junior and senior year, he began working in his father's clinic after school. 

Now, he is a denturist working for himself doing what he loves best.

FiBER FORCE® Unbreakable Dentures

Licensed Denturist
AvaDent Digital Dentures

Biomet 3I Implant Seminar With Teeth In A Day Symposium

Pathology / Perio and alveolar atrophy Seminar

2010 - 2013
Dentist Intern
College Student
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